Suggested Actions related to Issues in the film, The Condor and The Eagle

What can we do to respond?

Here are some suggestions from the UU Ministry for Earth and from film participants:

1. Say No to COVID-19 Corporate Bailout and No to oil and gas pipelines such as KXL being built and promoted. In addition find ways to express that NO with your communities and politically. Stop subsidies of oil companies and instead subsidize retraining for fossil fuel workers. See for more ideas.

2. Donate to the UU Ministry of Earth to support specific indigenous issues.

3. Use this moment to shift how we are moving through the world and impacting Earth and other people.

4. Resist cheap airline tickets and seeking to consume more of anything just because it is cheap

5. Divest from investments and banks that support corporations promoting fossil fuel and in operations that degrade the Earth and victimize vulnerable people

6. Reflect on what is truly essential to your life – for Bryan it is clean air, clean water – and find ways to take care of those aspects. We don’t need to return to a normal that includes polluted skies and water.

7. There are many issues named in the film, any of which can be researched, especially those affecting named Indigenous communities. Join the Tuesday, May 5, 2021 Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls - National Day of Action

8. Support and participate in environmental organizations; one example is the Women’s Earth and Climate Network (WECAN) engages women worldwide in policy advocacy, on-the-ground projects, direct action, trainings, and movement building for global climate justice.

9. Reflect on the wisdom from the Ponca woman in the film, Casey Camp-Horinek, referring to these COVID-19 times: “This new life of gardening and helping one another needs to continue. This is not a phase; it’s an opportunity to recreate how we interact with all living things.”

10. Here are suggestions for local Colorado actions from Bonnie Sundance:

a. Whether or not you are an Xcel customer, contact the CEO, Alice Jackson, and kindly asks that Xcel stop making it so difficult for Boulder to run its own municipal utility company and simply stop the legal problems. Ask Xcel to cut back on its fossil fuel energy sources by 85% by 2025.

b. In Colorado: I read of removals of protection for Federal lands by giving them over to fossil fuel development. Please protest these moves either through. organizations or directly through political representatives at National and State levels

c. See other items in the Guidelines for Earth Living at home page

Thanks to the film and all of us for opening our gaze to see and act on the enormity of impacts of our modern way of life, currently out of balance with the needs and nature of Earth and Indigenous ways and people.

With gratitude for what you choose to do, Bonnie Sundance