“Earth Caring Awareness” focus of New Non-profit

 in Boulder County:  Our Sacred Earth



            Awareness of the impacts of our American lifestyle on the planet has been growing.  However, people are often challenged by the work of making the personal and societal changes needed to quickly make a difference on a planetary as well as a local scale.  Assisting and inspiring people in that process of change is the work of a new non-profit in Boulder County called Our Sacred Earth.


            Its programs support and inspire people in respectful and compassionate ways to move through the challenges.  Activities include monthly Earth Inspirational Gatherings in our mountain neighborhoods as well as in Boulder.    Individuals and families can gather outdoors to enjoy deep ecology games, some quiet time in nature with the music of a local musician, and creative activity.


            Our Sacred Earth offers Voices for the Earth, a narrated slide program sharing the dilemmas and accomplishments of Boulder County residents who are working on life choices, which make life better for the planet and people.


            Caring for The Earth and Yourself is a peer support group series with opportunities to work on those challenges and dilemmas with others in a supportive setting. It’s a time to make deeper connections with the Earth and Spirit through exercises during the group and at home on your own.


            Everyone is welcome to participate!  Email or write us for details on upcoming program locations and dates.

Our Sacred Earth is listed with Volunteer Connections of Boulder County and through them we are recruiting volunteers to assist with activities and programs.   We are seeking additional members for the Board of Directors. 


Your financial investments to Our Sacred Earth are welcomed.   The project has been a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt non-profit organization since 2006.



            You can email Our Sacred Earth at delight@denver.net or write us at PO Box 4054, Boulder, CO 80306.            Message phone: 303-273-5582.

Our Sacred Earth web site address is            denver.net/~delight    


By Bonnie Sundance, Executive Director, Our Sacred Earth


Press Release prepared

April 16, 2008