Report & Photos of Earth and Body Connection,
held Saturday, August 29 and Sunday, September 6, 2015

this is what I love

to be in nature

with kindred spirits

communing, being

receptive to the earth and sky

energies and beings

noticing and absorbing

the endless

myriads of designs, patterns, shapes

of clouds, tree branches, rock lichen

pine needles, skat

I notice, I absorb

we notice, we absorb

giving and exchanging

mirroring and reflecting

with all

And after awhile

my rough edges

and the hooks

begin to fall off

and fall away

And after more awhiles

my thoughts come to be


I am grateful

thank you

i offer no apologies

thanks to all


by Teri C. (one of the workshop participants on 9/6/15)

Other sharing from participants:
   [I love experiencing] 
      --the pure pleasure of reaching and growing as does a plant,  
      --the permission to do nothing and lay deeply connected in Earth's embrace, held peacefully.
   "In nature I can b r e a t h e  and   m o v e   effortlessly, witnessed by kin."
   "I'm happy that I experienced this and sad that I don't have it more [in my daily life]."
   "Look at what has been created [by human society] to distract us from this ease of being in nature."
Original Announcement:

in Forest 2.5 mi. NE of Nederland      9:30 am - 3:00 pm

An opportunity to enter one's own body and voice with fuller awareness and from there to engage in deeper relationship with the Earth and the community gathered around us. Through our body we can sense our interconnection with all things and let go of a perception that we are separate.

By opening to the sensations of our own body and voice we open the door to experiencing the Earth and the world around us


· We will engage in individual practices that seek to synchronize mind and body.

· We will express ourselves through movement and sound.

· We will play through community building games and exercises.

   We will connect with the Earth and Spirit, in the process.


Allison Caw is a somatic movement and voice educator, theatre artist and contemplative practitioner with an MFA from Naropa University As a somatic educator and environmental activist she is developing a technique which seeks to restore our connection with the Earth through the experiential body and voice. She is very grateful to collaborate with Bonnie!

Bonnie Sundance is Executive Director of Our Sacred Earth. She has been dancing all her life and has been facilitating events for groups for 15 years. She's excited to work with Allison!


Please Register by

1) Emailing Bonnie at     AND

2) Filling out Contact Us Form on the web site 

Please Bring:

Water, Rain Gear, Clothing for warm/cool weather, appropriate footwear for dancing outdoors, your lunch / snacks, a sit upon.

Transportation: from Boulder, please carpool from the NE corner of 6th and Canyon promptly at 8:55 am. Directions given upon registration.

No Fee, donations accepted. No prior movement experience required.

Further Info: contact Allison Caw at allisoncaw at gmail dot com

or Bonnie Sundance  OurSacredEarth at outlook dot come