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The last Women Gathering was held on

SUNDAY, AUGUST 2nd 2015 - near Nederland, Colorado

11AM – 3 PM August 2nd Gratitude Ceremony/Ritual; or all day

For Lammas, or First Harvest; including Potluck Lunch (vegetarian)

Sponsored and Hosted by: Our Sacred Earth

Might you be a woman wishing for some gentle time in nature in a supportive environment? You are invited to join with other local Women interested in deepening your connection with Nature and Spirit.

The facilitator, Bonnie Sundance, shares, “I think Earth and Spirit are great allies in this process of being concerned about changes on our planet Earth and about challenges in our ways of living. Communication with them is an essential ingredient as we gather collaboratively to create the future we want.”

Bonnie has been leading women’s events and small gatherings for 15 years, and is Executive Director of Our Sacred Earth, the sponsor for this Gathering on August 2nd Lammas, an ancient First Harvest Sacred celebration day.


  The location near Nederland at 8,700’ is conducive to a relaxing, connective time with nature and women: surrounded by aspen and fir / pine forest and with indoor cabin space available. It is only 30 min. from Boulder and 10 min. from Nederland. Carpooling will be arranged among the participants.

There is nearby access to national forest trails, which we will be walking.

No Fee. Bring your own food, water, rain gear, clothing for warm/cool/rain Sunday in the mountains; also journal and any creative materials you want to use. .

Women who haven’t done this kind of activity before are very welcome. Inter-generational: young women 16+ to elders.   Description of Women Gathering in 2014 is under Programs: Past (this web site) and follows as "Report" below.


Report on Women Gathering with Earth and Spirit
– AUGUST 2nd 2014 -- near Nederland, Colorado –

Women wishing for some gentle time in nature in a supportive environment found their needs met on Saturday, August 2nd for deepening a nourishing connection with Nature and Spirit

The day included a sharing circle and songs that set a safe space among participants, create easy avenues to deepen one’s awareness of nature connections, and assist in empowering oneself in aligned living with the Earth and Spirit. There was also the option of open time in nature to follow one’s own intuitive space.

We women gathered for Lammas or First Harvest on a clear sunny day freshened by rain from days before, in the forest outside Nederland, Colorado. We found it nourishing to each of our hearts, minds and Spirits to be in Nature with one another.

Singing our connection to the Earth, Air, Water, Fire of the Sun we called the Directions and picked up stones to set in a circle to hold our thankfulness in the Ceremony of Gratitude. Each found her own expression of being thankful for what Earth gives -- then the rest of us acknowledged aloud the many gifts. Among them one of us thanked Earth for her Gravity! "It's as if the Earth is holding us in her embrace at every moment!"

We continued creating a circle of twigs, pine cones and stones to remember, hold, and gift gratefulness in that forest spot for aspects of Earth, community and of our personal lives.

We settled into silence. Then singing the sentiments, “Where I sit is holy, sacred is this ground, Forest, Mountain, Meadow, listen to the Sound, Great Spirit circling all around us,” we made deeper connection with the land around us, which in turn was creating its own connection with us!

We called in Spiritual Presences and energies of the Elements to bring fruitfulness to our healing prayers for people, and situations in our lives and for the Earth, each with open heart creating strong calls to bring forth a Wholeness.

The facilitator, Bonnie Sundance, tells the why behind this Ceremony: “I see people concerned about changes on our planet Earth and about challenges in our ways of living. Yet some people are numb, confused or stuck about how to respond. Earth and Spirit are great allies in this process; connection to them and communication with them are essential ingredients. It is important that we gather and work collaboratively to create the future we want and give gratitude for what is working in our Lives.”

After the strong midday Spiritual Ceremony,

we hungrily laid out a wonderful and deliciouspotluck lunch to enjoy on the deck, connecting to the beauty of the trees and the mountains before us.

Later we walked to the semi-clear cut land which had been blessed earlier in the summer in the Earth Exchange (see page of Past Programs) to notice how improved the Land’s energy has become and the many new plants and little trees growing happily from having been blessed by human kindness. They like we humans, when wounded, need supportive encouragement.

We picked and enjoyed wild and tasty red raspberries.
Both today's and previous programs Sponsored by Our Sacred Earth.

Talking afterwards, we shared the valuable work we have each been engaged in and suggestions to one another for our various concerns.

Among them:

--the course and the book, “Everything is Workable” by Diane Masho Hamilton ….the Zen of Conflict Resolution, which talks about bringing together meditation and mediation.

--signing the Boulder County petition for putting Home Rule on the ballot to address GMO's, fracking, and our rights to clean water, air and the rights of nature.

--work after the flood of September 2013: one of us volunteered with Town Hall in Lyons, CO and incredible stories of assistance from volunteers who came in from other states to help; and in Jamestown, CO the millions of dollars given to replace the destroyed roads.

--the Gaia Sophia Meditations at in Boulder, CO which d focus spiritual energies for healing of specific challenges humans are causing the Earth, like Fracking and Fukushima.

Email messages afterwards from participants:
“I am so glad I listened to the call to gather from Bonnie and the Earth!
I had a nourishing and nurturing time in the high country sharing in the Lamas Celebration! I feel connected you and the new friends I made and to the Earth! Thank you! “

And another: “Just got home and i wanted to thank you again for a great afternoon. Can't wait for more.”

We will meet again one of the days near Fall Equinox/Full Moon, between September 23-27, 2015

We welcome women to join us. See the Contact page to send your email address and request information:

Women Gathering for Earth and Spirit
Inter-Generational   ages 16 to 116
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