Easy Action:

--L o v e  on  the  L i n e --


Put your Love on the Line and invite others, too. Anyone can do it.

Take your clothes out of the drier and put them into the air to dry, indoors or out.

Take a photo, if you’d like, and post it on Facebook, in Laundromats, on clotheslines…tell neighbors.

Share the benefits – save 1.5 square meters of habitat for a year, save money, get exercise.

Let it


Hang Out!



For the Earth

For US  All! 

Love on the Line, A Local Campaign for Earth Month 2016 seeded in Boulder County for the whole Planet.

Participant organizations: Our-Sacred-Earth.org , http://xoearth.org/clothesline/ and The Artbox at Water Mark of Lyons PPP (Press, Paperhandmade, Permaculture)

Press Release Follows:

Put your Love on the Line, hang your clothes

BOULDER, Colo. — Honoring Earth this month, local nonprofit Our Sacred Earth is promoting Love on the Line,
a local clothesline initiative encouraging everyone to give the Earth a break by air-drying their clothes. The aim is help slow down climate change by getting more people in Boulder and beyond to let air and/or sun dry their clothes - instead of using fossil fuel gas or coal-run electric dryers.

Love on the Line was inspired by a song written by Stele Ely, Boulder's own Earth Man. You can hear his song, "Love on the Clothesline," at http://xoearth.org/clothesline/

Love on the Line initiative asks people to hang their clothes, take pictures and post photos on Facebook and put their own posters in coin-operated Laundromats, laundry rooms and neighborhoods. Let's enjoy collaborating for the Earth and for us all by taking an easy action that makes a difference.

Letting the sun and wind do the work of a clothes dryer benefits the environment and atmosphere, which is being pushed to overheat by our over-use of fossil fuels. Stele Ely, a "Love On The Line" volunteer says, “Approximately 1.5 square meters of habitat potential is protected or recovered every time a person uses a clothesline or a drying rack - instead of a gas or electric dryer." [XOEarth.org/ecofx]

To join "Love On The Line" and its mission to slow down climate change, get inspired from www.XOEarth.org/Clothesline, or www.Our-Sacred-Earth.org or call 720.340.8080 or just take your clothes out of the dryer stream and put them into the air.  You can get clotheline which is kite string at Boulder's IntoTheWind.com  and clothespins from McGuckin Hardware.

You can hear and sing-along with the "Love On The Line" theme song by Boulder's own XOEarth Man at XOEarth.org/Clothesline

Colorado is one of the states with a "clothesline" law so HOAs cannot prevent homeowners from air drying (in a reasonable way—as with a retractable clothesline). See: The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”), which includes this info: “owners in condominium associations need to first obtain permission from the association, and renters from owners.”

“Love on the Line” Dryer facts

  • About 80 percent of U.S. homes have a dryer whereas in the 1950’s we didn’t use them
  • Dryers account for 10 percent of household electricity use in US
  • Only 5 percent of Italian homes have a dryer.
  • Cutting U.S. dryer use to that of Italy would save 180 billion pounds of greenhouse gases annually, the equivalent of taking 18 million cars off the road, and save $8 billion a year
(Source: Ning Mosberger-Tang of Boulder’s C3 Climate Culture Collaborative)


Harry Albert (resident of Boulder, CO for 52 years) and Bonnie Sundance,
                     both of Our Sacred Earth, having tea on his deck under clothesline.