Our Earth is part of a vast unfolding Creation,  is 

 a Living Organism, Gaia, and a Sacred Being in evolutionary process.

We are all part of Earth’s sacredness and we are interconnected with all Life on Earth.

“Our Sacred Earth” is also a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization participating in Earth’s sacred nature offering educational and experiential activities to people of all ages to deepen our connection with nature and to live in harmony with Earth's processes.


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It is time to put this Sacred Earth first in our lives and to care for Earth as ourselves in the ways we live:
please see Guide for Earth Living 2022 below
PROGRAM:  Indigenous Resources for Teachers  October 1, 2021
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We hope you enjoy visiting our web site and participating in unfolding Earth’s Sacred Nature.  

Guide for Earth Living 2022

Dear People,

           The Earth thanks you and I thank you for the steps you take to care for our common life on this Earth. It is good that we continue to expand our efforts in 2022.

Our mainstream culture has been mistaken in many ways about the Earth and about us as human beings. It is time to know and live who we truly are and who the Earth truly is. We can know how to live in harmonious connection with an Earth we come to understand, respect and live within her and our natural order so she is healthy and so are we.

Through this process we can discover a different balance of life and be less thrown about by fears and projections of what may happen to humans and their life on Earth. We can begin to think for ourselves and transform our ways of living as we discover what we may be doing that is causing harm. We can join with others in this effort.

The Earth is Sacred, just as we are Sacred Creation in process. Let us step into Co-Creative Action speaking intentions each day to live in harmony in all our ways of doing and by asking for clues and guidance. Many books, workshops and organizations can help us in this process, with Source, the Earth and beings of Nature to draw on. Let’s put the Earth first, knowing her design, then design our own lives to support Earth.

I invite you to join in considering the following “Guiding Steps for  Earth Living 2022” (1 a month) to benefit Earth and us all.

Guiding Steps for Earth Living 2022

1. Live every day with the Earth in mind and heart with gratitude in all you do.

2. Become more conscious of the ways that you take care of yourself which could be transformed into contributions to restore Earth but which now contribute to climate change and degradation of ecosystems. Please choose to transform or lessen negative impacts.

3. Make a commitment to cut back 50% on fossil fuel use in your personal daily transportation; choose one or two days a week to use alternative transportation

4. Make a commitment to cut back 65% to 70% on your air travel.

5. Make a commitment to shift from eating conventionally produced foods in favor of eating organic foods, even a few at a time and especially local sources.

6. Make a commitment to avoid meat processed in feed lots, eat 50% less meat sources and instead substitute other sources of protein with fewer negative impacts on climate change.

7. Wear more layers in winter and turn down thermostat; in summer wisely close curtains and let your home vary in temperature without constant AC; dry your clothes outdoors on the line or indoors on a rack.  

8. Make a commitment to work together as a nation towards a decision like Sweden’s to have a zero-carbon footprint by 2020 and to create alternatives, which are realistic, to the human causes of climate change. See studies** done for each state about those solutions.  Consider supporting the New Green Deal  

9. Stop supporting war efforts so that our money and energy goes into building peace in our lifetime including working for environmental, social and racial justice and empowering all people.

10. Consider working to limit population growth and in your personal life choices until we figure out how to live in harmony and share with our neighbors of all species instead of exterminating them to have “what we want.”

11. Live our lives as though people to come in generations ahead really matter to us — that we want their lives and ours to be sustained by clean air, fresh water, healthy soil and wild beautiful places.

12. Foster your relationship with the Earth with an open heart each day for several long moments through a tree or plant, a calm body of water. Let life forms know you want to connect and appreciate them. There is much benefit from coming into alignment with the Earth’s creation and her Living Ways as a way to live life each day.

13. Build the Soil and learn about sequestering carbon. See Aaron Perry's Soil Stewardship Handbook https://yonearth.org/product/parents-teachers-package/ 

What if each of us made a commitment, discussed it with several other people, and asked them to join the effort? What a huge difference we could make to reverse human-caused climate change and our sense of powerlessness! Please use your precious time and attention to make these steps make a difference. See the Resources page on this website.

Thanks for giving it a try! The Life Force that created this planet and sustains it and its Great Intelligence are waiting to support all of us in this effort. Support can also be obtained from programs like Up to Us, http://www.pachamama.org/engage and many of our local organizations (see below) working for peace, healthy food and justice.  See LivingTheChange.net for commitments.

Blessings to you and planet Earth in the process. Please share this invitation with others…print/and post on your frig.

Bonnie Sundance, Executive Director, Our Sacred Earth      email:OurSacredEarth at Outlook dot com

http://our-sacred-earth.org   Offers local programs and a list of Resources with detailed descriptions, including for books written by women like Active Hope,  Kissed by a Fox and Braiding Sweetgrass; please see web pages for more detail.

RESOURCES (I know and use): Global and examples of local organizations in CO

www.350.org Detail about climate change math, global strategies including divestment

www.bioneers.org inspiring and educational speakers sharing their successes for Earth; radio programs.

http://www.coloradoipl.org/   CO Interfaith Power & Light: connect with local faith based efforts to care for the Earth and share educational materials and actions. Eg. Ask for (free) encyclical based Climate Action Kit

www.rmpjc.org Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, a Colorado Peace Building organization working on local/global issues of peace, justice, and nuclear guardianship & offering events and ongoing projects

http://www.pachamama.org/engage online educational program aiming for a just, sustainable, spiritually fulfilling human presence on the planet – part of the Pachamama Alliance

www.mountainforumforpeace.org "Our purpose is to learn how to bring peace into our personal lives, to support others in striving to live a life of non-violence, and to encourage awareness of diverse ways of living."

www.earthguardians.org a locally based dynamic organization of and for young people all over the globe to make a difference through programs like RYSE: Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth. See videos on web site.

www.womensearthalliance.org invests in grassroots women's leadership for solutions to our most pressing ecological concerns – water, food, land, and climate—with respect for local women’s knowledge.

Haudenosaunee Greetings of Thankfulness to the Natural World: http://www.manataka.org/page2359.html

**See studies done for each state for alternative energy by 2050 (which need to be revised to 2030) http://thesolutionsproject.org/infographic/#co is one done for Colorado.


See Also:  Resources Page of this web site for other resources
If you wish to join the conversation or participate, see--Response page -- and the Contact Us Page and join the process with the above Guide for Earth Living 2022 
Chief Seattle's message delivered in his native Duwamish...Pacific Northwest 1854 (selections attributed to him)

"Every part of this earth is sacred to my people. Every shining pine needle, every shady shore, every mist in the dark woods, every clearing, and humming insect is holy in the memory and experience of my people.

The perfumed flowers are our sisters; the deer, the horse, the great eagle, these are our brothers.

The rocky crests, the juices of the meadows, the body heat of the pony and the human all belong to the same family."
found in the book:
         Coming Back to Life     by Joanna Macy     p. 198