Responses to Global Environmental Change


My name is Itzcuauhtli (Eat Squat Lee) and I am 11 years old. I on a talking strike until world leaders
take action on Climate Change!
- Initiate a global climate recovery plan
- Mass reforest the planet
- Support renewable energy solutions to replace the dirty fossil fuel industry
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My name is Itzcuauhtli Roske-Martinez and I am a 11 year old indigenous environmental hip hop activist from Boulder Colorado. I have been working with our organization, Earth Guardians on climate change and other issues since I was 7 years old because I am concerned about the kind of world I am going to be left with.

I just got back from two months of traveling to perform at climate change and environmental conferences across the U.S. At these conferences I've been listening to some of the top experts and scientists talking about the fact, that its game over for the planet if carbon is not capped in the next year. We have already reached a tipping point and are feeling the impacts of climate change across the planet. Our oceans are acidifying, eco systems are collapsing and we are in the midst of the greatest mass extintion since the dinosaur age. Weather patterns are changing and we are seeing bigger storms and disasters across the planet, displacing people and destroying homes!

Now as a 11 year old boy listening to this information, it hit me hard. I have been hearing the facts for years in my line of work, but this time was different! Some of my heroes that I have crossed paths with and heard speak in the last year, like Van Jones, Bill Mckibbens, David Orr, Vandana Shiva, James Hansen and many more, were saying that, what our generation and those to follow are going to be left with isn't going to be pretty if we don't take action NOW.

I was sitting in the Newark Airport in New York after performing at the Omega Conference with my family getting ready to return to Colorado and I thought what does it matter anyway if I go to school or go to college and learn all this stuff, if there is not going to be a world worth living in! A world where there will be more and more climate refugees from rising sea levels and people suffering from draughts and floods and famine. Thats when I thought, I have to do something drastic to change the outcome of our future? What can I do as one person to help change the direction we are headed!

Then it came to me, to take a VOW of silence and to inspire YOU and YOUTH and ADULTS all over the world to join me in this VOW until world leaders #1 Agree on and implement a Global Climate Recovery Plan to get us back to a safe zone of 350 ppm, #2 Mass Reforest the planet to help absorb all our excess carbon and #3 Support renewable energy solutions to replace the dirty fossil fuel industry.

In a little over a year in December of 2015 in Paris, France word leaders will be gathering AGAIN to decide our FATE! We need to send a message loud and clear from the children and all those from around the world that stand in solidarity with us that they cannot continue to put PROFITS before our Future! We need to remind them that their own children's future is a stake and will be determined by the decisions they make at this summit! They can not wait any longer to take action or it will be to late to leave us a healthy, just, sustainable planet!