Additional action steps you can take

Suggestions made at the General Strike on September 20, 2019
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1. Talk with other people in your life about your concerns for Earth and for vulnerable human and other species. Show up at city councils and county hearings; help others step out of helpless, powerless complicity with a culture that protects profiteering at people’s and the earth’s expense.

2. Learn about the roots of the climate crisis from young people and activists like Jamie Margolin and Greta Thunberg via their speeches on You Tube: Colonialism/capitalism racism/sexism; how we’ve been taught to see ourselves separate from one another and the Earth. Unite and collaborate with one another’s issues. Practice Active Peace ( and foster a healthy compassionate, respectful consciousness in yourself.

3. Stop the corporations responsible for 70% of emissions to climate change; including those who are benefitting from contracts with the US Military (which receives more than 50% of our taxes).

See: and at least stop supporting them as you can.

4. Learn about earth’s natural systems and how to support them; example water. Learn from the Earth about how to solve problems naturally / Biomimicry. Promote the Rights of Nature.

5. Learn about how our ways of living contribute to climate change and earth’s degradation and choose to change them: example hang up your clothes instead of using an electric dryer; use alternative transportation at least once a week. The 2018 IPCC Climate Change report asks that we ALL reduce our emissions by 50% over the next few years: try 10% a year! Limit your travel.

6. Stop use of pesticides and protect insects and soil; buy organic and non- pesticide food and beverages; end government subsidies to conventional agriculture.

7. Work to rid our democracy of corrupt politicians and work for campaign finance reform; and community control of the conditions which affect our lives, see Create a carbon tax and support in their work to help democracy work; AND decrease the use of all sources of energy.

8. Tax corporations and create progressive tax on the wealthy so that currently some money held can be used to fund education and positive reforms and solutions, including health care for all.

9. Overpopulation is a serious part of our human effect on the planet: each woman could choose to have only one or two children or none in her lifetime; educate women as that reduces birthrates.

10. Cut back on your consumerism and check sources and packaging for what you do need. Restore and regenerate overtaxed resources and ecosystems.

11. Join and financially support organizations which are working to improve conditions on the planet for all life and all people. Everyone’s contributions are needed. Foster “Earth/Green” work in Faith communities. Especially take action to protect the Amazon Rainforest: is a site which has done research about the 100 most effective ways to affect Climate.  Choose one or two, learn about them and take action in your personal life, family/social life, community and political engagement. 

12. Love the Earth; get to know and protect a place and its species – life needs our appreciation. Rest in the Earth’s embrace and balance your life in nature’s company.

13. Educate youth in school and engage our faith communities about the climate crisis.

How we do each of these is what we need to discover but that we do these things is necessary. Our existence as a humanity, loving and living with one another, WITH the Earth and all Her Creation is in all our hands: may we each do our part every day. Consider giving one hour a day to care for the Earth.

From Bonnie Sundance, Director (see for more links and resources)