Ten Year Plan for Earth Care

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report tells we have only 10 years in which to reduce and replace  47% of our green house gas emissions or our global temperature will rise above 1.5 degrees centrigrade with disastrous results.

That means all of us need to help contribute better ways of living with less negative impacts on our shared Earth and common life.  Consider making your own 10 year plan for Earth Care which includes reducing 25% by 2025 your emissions to reach 50% by the end of 2029.                            Please See ** below
Collaborate with members of the Boulder community to work together on this project of rethinking our life ways in the areas of food, transport, energy use and consumer habits.  Find encouragement and support, tools and direction.

GreenFaith’s www.LivingTheChange.net invites us to make commitments in 3 areas: food, energy and transportation as we step into that effort.

Please work collaboratively with the many concerned organizations to reduce and redirect GHG emissions and to promote good relations with all species and all peoples on Earth.

Next Ten Year Plan group MEETING;  WEDNESDAY, March 27, 2019   
TIME:   5:30  to  7:30 pm
LOCATION:   George Reynolds Branch  Library, 3595 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder
No Charge
BRING  notebook or paper and pen;
     BRING water or beverage (non alcoholic) and your own snack and/or finger food to share with others; 
     BRING something to place on the table representing your connection to this topic or to the Earth
FACILITATOR:  Bonnie Sundance, Executive Director of Our Sacred Earth, who has worked in this arena of changing personal habits for the past 30 years.
SPONSOR: Our Sacred Earth and co sponsor, Boulder Eco Dharma Sangha
QUESTIONS?: send via Contact page 
 We hope to see you there!   

**Note: Please take half an hour to listen to this important KGNU interview with author, Dahr Jamail: https://news.kgnu.org/2019/03/the-end-of-ice-bearing-witness-and-finding-meaning-in-the-path-of-climate-disruption/