Vision for Earth

The vision for our Planet

We are in a state of being aware of and being connected to the greater web of life and loving the earth in all we do, at all times, for the good of the whole.

Every worker and owner in an industry or craft is taking steps to improve where its resources come from and what happens to the packaging and the product at the "waste/recycle" end.

We are healing the ozone layer by correcting our individual actions and moving together to correct corporate ones, and by holding the vision for its healing.

We are using alternative fuels for transportation and energy which are truly renewable like solar (Cooking) or which are agricultural based.

We are using paper made from agricultural based sources, like cotton and hemp, rather than trees and we are using only what we need, plus recycling it all.

We are turning around the Greenhouse Effect by asking Spirit, ourselves and others for help in transforming any practice or lifestyle which contributes to it even when it seems beyond our means to change.

We all love and care for the forests in everything we do: the food we eat, paper we use & recycle, and by the ways we are in the forests.

We carefully choose from now on to make sure there is a balance of people and provisions: by sharing planetary resources, consumer goods, and all we have, and by being aware of ways to increase others' opportunities to have enough who now have less than what they need.

We each choose to give birth to only one child, per person, so the population doesn't increase, any further, and we can enjoy all the children who are here as though each were our own relative.

A Vision for Our Planet: the qualities and attitudes needed

Believing that we are each part of a web of effort and intention with millions of other people:

  • caring for the Earth and ourselves with regard for the good of the whole.
  • being in a spiritual practice, guided by Spirit, asking for the assistance we need to change our lives at all moments for the good of the planet and one another
  • practicing the arts of caring, sharing, and listening carefully to one another: asking what is the most loving action I can offer in this moment?
  • understanding and participating in the unfolding of our lives individually and together as a connected web of Life
  • accepting where we are and the situation at each moment, and making efforts to take a step from there

Beliefs to support a Vision for Our Planet

I believe: we each have the power and potential to make a positive contribution to the Earth and one another everyday right from where we are:

I believe: we can let go of blame, entirely, from our lives with one another and be aware of gently encouraging change, as allies instead of as adversaries.

I believe we share one breath with the forests and all the plants and trees, and in fact all Life: we need one another, and we can learn to deeply love one another and all Life.

I believe all Life is important: every form, every species, and every person merits our understanding and respect, and caring.

I believe there is a Greater Intelligence (given many names--I call it Divine Spirit), which is lovingly guiding Life, and that Knowing about Life is available to us at all times, whenever we ask or sense or open to it.

Believe that you have the power to create a difference in those matters of importance to you and your life will become far more interesting.