The Story of people caring in community for our common life on this Earth, Voices for the Earth, spans 50 years of efforts to bring human life into harmony with the interconnected web of life.

During this participatory experience, you journey into the roots of your own caring, the challenging realities we all now face, and your community’s responses to them.

The format is a narrated, multi-media journey, beginning with one woman’s effort to engage more deeply with the Earth and discover how to live in harmony with its natural order, and then moving out into our local community efforts.

Bonnie Sundance, photographer, writer, and activist created this 2.5-hour journey to assist you in understanding and making a personal connection with what is happening to the Earth and with how you are living your own life.

It is intended to inspire and encourage participants to explore and expand their voices in action from a place of deep relationship and caring for the interconnected life of our precious planet.

The program is suitable for ages 13 and older, and for groups of 12-50.

Reviews: “The story of her evolution toward balance and harmony with the Earth can inspire viewers to look deeply at the ways their actions impact the Earth—and the actions they can take to put the Earth first.” —Paul B., an editor

“Very powerful show. I appreciated reflecting on how what we saw and heard affected us. I feel alive and inspired by what I saw…. I wish everyone could see it.” —Lani G, yoga instructor

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Contact: Bonnie Sundance, Executive Director, Our Sacred Earth,

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 Voices for the Earth -- Specific Details
      The 2.0 to 2.5 hour program is designed in 5 sections and guided by the narrator, Bonnie Sundance.
      The actual slide photographs and narration cover approximately 1.5 hours.  
         Interactive Exercises and Break .5 to 1.0 hours.
I.  Coming with our Senses to the Earth, a music-photographic introduction    (3-6 min.)
II.  The Roots of Caring for the Earth, a biographical journey (22 min.)
III.  Challenging Realities we all Face now  (20 min)
IV.  Local work to Care for the Earth (20 min.)
 V.  Visions for our Shared Future with music-photographic offering  (13-18 min.)
Between each Section II to IV, a guided interaction for groups of 2-3 participants allows them to share their answers to questions related to the section, about 12-18 min. long. There will be a 5 min. rest room break.  


Voices for the Earth is the power of biography: the stories of others living their lives for the Good of All with awareness of creating positive impacts for ecosystems, for species and with respect for the elements of the planet our lives depend upon.

This program was created for Boulder County people to know about the Earth caring work that has been done by others in the past 25 years and to meet the people involved via photo, name and organizational connection. Participants are invited to check those organizational websites or attend meetings of those organizations and thank the people for their work. We all benefit from their contributions.

Setting Requirements:
NOTE: The space used must be made dark with no extraneous light falling on screen so that colors of images projected are fully saturated.   Equipment is provided (projector, table, slide carousels and screen).
Chairs should be such that participants can break into groups of 3 easily and then return to face the screen.
A table for pamphlets and information is desired as well.   The room must have electrical outlets near back to run the slide projector (furnished by narrator).

Costs:   Information for Sponsoring Organizations:

A request for donation is suggested of $2-$6 per person if the following costs are entailed, and if there are about 12-20 people who attend. Depending on what a group can provide, these costs will vary. No one turned away for lack of funds.       (There is no charge for the program itself.)

Room rental (at a rate for 3.5 hours) $50-$75

Transportation of the program and equipment to the site: $05-$25

Printing of handouts about organizations and Earth practices (1 page / person) $ 2 -$ 5

Publicity & printing of fliers (no charge if your group handles)

For showings contact Bonnie Sundance:  OurSacredEarth at Outlook dot com